Thursday, December 13, 2007

Maiden’s Choice

This is a poem one of my colleagues really likes that I wrote several years ago. I keep telling her I want to toss it away and she implores me to keep it. I doubt I'll ever publish it elsewhere, so for is "Maiden's Choice"

Eye- yigh, yigh, yigh, y- yigh, yigh
Eye- yigh, yigh, yigh
Eye, yigh, yigh, yi- igh, yigh
Eye, yigh, yigh yigh

Michael stands unto my right;
a darker one - the left.
As shapes form in this holy night
My heart, it gets no rest.

Me mother says that in each life
some rain is bound to fall.
But to walk this world, as Lot’s wife
can make a young girl crawl.

Where are you my lovely man?
Do you have another fair?
How I ache for your gentle hand
as I wait upon the stair.

Are you ill or gone from here
to meet our Savior, Lord?
Have you gone, out drinking, dear,
because you were so bored?

My mind, it is within a trance.
I think of what ma-ay be.
This once I took an awful chance
What has it now brought me?

“It brought to you, one man’s love.
It gave you cause to care.
But you cannot cage a wild dove
and keep it from the air.”

“Turn, pale faced, up toward the sun
and let the moon be-e past.”
Michael said, “My little one,
This first will be your last.”

The demon left my other side.
He fled into the deep.
“I vow to live,” my soul, it cried.
“Run my doubt, and sleep.”

“That was many years ago,
My man, I tell thee true.
An angel helped my heart to grow
And kept me here with you.”

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