Friday, May 30, 2008

What do you do to ensure your personal success in all areas of life?

This week, I have introduced Rhonda Byrne's The Secret to my students. I hoped to give them ideas about what choices they have in attracting a life they want instead of wandering around moaning about the life they have been "given." Most of the students are interested in the idea of attracting money, but others were excited to know the Law of Attraction can bring positive relationships, good grades, happiness, and all manner of emotional, mental and spiritual health and wealth. Before they leave today they will each draw and image of their life vision using the concepts shared in The Secret.

I invite you to follow along and draw your own vision for your creative future. If that doesn't appeal to you, try The Artist's Way author Julia Cameron's directive to write a creative resume -- that is a resume listing all the creative endeavors you've been a part of. Mine begins with me standing on a hassock in the middle of the living room as a toddler and belting out nonsense words at the top of my lungs as I "sung" for my mother, being in school choirs and plays, writing poetry and stories, and so on. You may be amazed about the number and variety of items you've made or endeavored to create in your lifetime. You also might be a bit shocked about how little space you've given creation in your daily get up-take a shower (with soap)- go to work existance.
If you've not happy with what you see, change it!

What will you create today that will add a little spring to your step?

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