Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gail Blanke, LifeDesigns CEO - Dealing with Change

Gail Blanke's first book In My Wildest Dreams: Living the Life You Longed For has competition!
It is entitled Between Trapezes, also written by Gail, CEO and President of LifeDesigns. It includes six steps for thriving on change.

I don't know what you think of when you jump into a new project, but I get excited for days. Then, reality hits. What if I fail? What if I stink at this? What if I lose my friends, end up in debtors prison and the IRS wants me to tax evasion? Okay, most of that isn't likely, but the rabbit hole has a spiral that leads the way, and all it takes is one negative mental step and into the hole I go!

I haven't read Gail's latest book, but after completing In My Wildest Dreams, you can betcha it is on my "must read" list. Gail's also on my dream list of creative women to interview.

What do you do to handle the challenges of launching your dreams?
Where do you go to ground yourself and keep from slipping into that rabbit hole?
Let me know.

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violette said...

What do i do when i'm about to go down the rabbit hole??'s almost a daily thing....i do EFT on myself (you can check it out on Youtube) so that i get into a good frame of mind.......i go for a walk in my neighbourhood....and i read something inspirational- usually something about another artist who made it and had the same doubts as i do!
It all helps......everyone is unique with a personal set of techniques to keep them following their bliss. Their job is to find out the magical elixr of what works for them!

love, violette