Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sologig It!

Looking for a new creative career but don't consider yourself a master or mistress of fine arts? CareerBuilder has a division called Sologig that may just be up your tightrope! You can subscribe to e-mail notification of creative jobs in your area. I registered as freelancer, as that is one of the many hats I wear, and today's message looks like this:

"Bored? Get Creative! It is easy to get stuck in an uninspired rut by taking on projects that are similar in nature. With the help of, there is no need to bang your head against a wall. Following your passion is an important aspect of having an enjoyable career. For new project ideas to keep your creative juices flowing, check out some new trends.
Top 10 Creative Freelance Careers:
1. Scrapbook Design Consultant
2. Specialty Freelance Writer
3. Color Consultant for Interior Design
4. Waterscapes Design Consultant
5. Real Estate Marketing Consultant
6. Social Media Consultant
7. Event Coordinator
8. Jewelry Designer and Buying Consultant
9. Graphic Artist
10. Play Consultant"

Even though the second entry is the one I had in mind when I signed up, the other nine sounded pretty exciting as well, especially number 10, since I have been trained as an English teacher since 1991.

Check out Sologig today!

Until next time,
get creative!


Diva Carla said...

Play consultant? Theater?

I read Play as in helping, assisting, coaching other in the art of play.

You know, workaholics may need you, as a play consultant. They can afford to pay cause they work all the time.


Anonymous said...

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