Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Participate in Votre Vray Projects!

Still on the fence about participating in the sensational Votre Vray creative women project?

Not sure if you're "enough" to be included?
Don't be! Everyone has someone in the world they can connect to. Do you need to be differently-abled to appreciate that someone who is blind can paint? Must you be frustrated with depression to know that it is a terrible road travel? Of course not.

Please join us!

Below are the interview launch questions. Send your answers in the body of an e-mail (to: MelEdwardsConnect [at] Yahoo [dot] com) along with the release form below, and I'll be in touch to set a follow-up interview. Your experience can be exactly what another woman needs to hear! Don't judge yourself, let the world decide when they learn your personal story.

1. How do you feel when someone calls you an artist?
2. When you create (insert art modality of your choice) how is that emotionally empowering for you?
3. Who in your life or what in your life encouraged you to keep going forward in your path to be a creator of your own work?
4. Is it still scary for you -- ever, often, always -- to put yourself out there?
5. Can you envision yourself doing anything else with your life?
6. What is the best advice you have been given or can give in regards to following a creative path?

RELEASE for Votre Vray Interviews

DATE: ­­­­­­­­­­____________ Via: Phone or E-mail (circle or highlight one)

Name: ____________________________

Art/Business: ________________________


Phone: _______________________

E-mail: _____________________________

Phone: _______________________

Web/Blog: __________________________

E-mail with consent to participate: YES

Date of Sent (to Mel): _________________

By signing below I, ____________________________, acknowledge and agree/give consent for my interview with Mel Edwards for Votre Vray to be used to promote women in creativity. In doing so, my interview:

*May appear in part or whole in her blog or website.

*May appear in part or whole in her one woman show.

*May appear in part or whole in the book Votre Vray: Found My Truth, My Way, Volume 1 (working title).

*May be used as an example for other creative people in Mel’s related workshops, coaching or teaching.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that I will receive no remuneration for my participation but Mel will make every effort to give me full credit for all of my work, promote my art and business of creating art. This may be done by naming me in any works I am included in and/or naming my business and/or artistic medium.

I will be able to access updates to all Votre Vray projects via Mel’s blog: or via her website:

Additionally, when any materials are released I will receive notification to include in my press kit, and when the book is released I will be able to purchase a copy at a small discount with a personalized inscription from Mel. for my participation in the Votre Vray project, to empower women in the arts.

Signed: ________________________________ Date: ________________

(For electronic signatures, only) Time of Day: ________________________________

(highlight one) Signed via: Personal computer or Business Computer

Please save signed copy for your records.

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