Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Secret Passion become Creative Goal

For many, following a creative path does not manifest as organically or easily as you might expect, or hope. A person can be born with an interest or affinity for creativity and never see that creativity as more than something he or she does for themselves. Sabine Garvey was no exception. She kept her work to herself, away from all friends and her own husband, for most of her life. “I wrote my first poem as a young teenager and shared it only with my mother. My writing was kept secret from the world for many years. Approximately fifteen years later, I wrote my second poem and again shared it with only her.” 

Sabine admits her faulty perception kept her work in the shadows. She felt that poetry didn’t seem like an accepted form of self-expression and she feared others would laugh at her work. “I came across a website of poetry and then I realized there was a bigger community.” Community is what sustains everyone, in some form, knowing we are not alone in our hearts and minds and that others find joy in some of the same creative pursuits that we do. Once community has been found, the path becomes a bit easier. “While writing is my passion, it is not currently the main means by which I make my financial living. It is my ambition, however, to change this sooner than later. It is my passion, my dream and my destiny.”

Best wishes to Sabine, and all other creative souls who walk the same path.

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