Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vote for a Creative Woman with One Click!

Britt Menzies, creator of Stinky Kids.com is being considered for a Home-Based Business Top 100. Those who visit this link will cast a vote for this Votre Vray Creative Woman's inspirational enterprise. On top of it all, Britt is also a mentor for Unessalyn Sweet of MyJunkyTrunk.com! This our shot to give to one of our own, for free, and help her reap the rewards of a job well-done.

What does the winner receive? 
Britt says "a media storm that includes recognition on local and national TV, radio (coverage) in newspapers and magazines, and on some of the largest, most influential websites" (including MSN and StartupNation)

What do you say, folks? I already cast my Votre Vray vote!

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