Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What is art?

Some of the women who have participated in the Votre Vray Creative Women project are fine artists (painters, sculptors and the like) with a lineage of forbears that easily come to mind. The invention and subsequent mundane use of the personal computer has also opened up a world of creative forms not previously available. Purists say, “Anyone who has then fingers, a mouse, and good software can call themselves an graphic artist, but that doesn’t meant they can draw.” This argument doesn’t make many friends in the world of graphic design, advertising and media promotions. 

Michelle Poe began in charcoals and photography and then grew into her graphic design business. “I started with high school yearbook photography and learned page layout. I believe you have to be born to do this type of work. It is demanding. I went to the Art Institute in Phoenix and then transferred to Vegas.” After serving as intern at a large agency, she realized this was the right path for her, stress and all, even though photography is still a source of passion for her.

Michelle is now co-owner of Kherize5 Advertising and Marketing Agency of Las Vegas. She may be reached via www.kherize5.com

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