Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creative Ways to Love Your Body?

October 15th, yesterday, was NOW campaign's Love Your Body day.
One of the T-shirts they designed said "I LOVE  MY THIGHS" and it got me wondering, how can we as creative people combat the messages some fashion folks stoke that we must look a certain way to be beautiful? What art or craft do you make that honors what women ARE instead of what we are not?
I know Carla Sanders does a lot of work honoring the feminine form...but her work is not for everyone (perhaps too spiritual/sexual/New Age for some).
Unessalyn Sweet's My Junky Trunk honors women with rounded backsides by having thier images as inspiration instead of hiding them.
I admit I've addressed child-rearing as a "must do" attitude but not my body....hmm....perhaps today that will be my inspiration.
Best wishes, Creative People. May you love how your maker/mama made  you!

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