Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sian Designs Offer to Votre Vray Creative Women

Sian Lindemann, of Sian Designs in Monument, Colorado, is an accomplished artist and visionary, and brings to the arts and entertainment community, 29 years experience in arts promotion, marketing, and career development for artists. An accomplished artist, in a variety of mediums, Sian is equally responsible for contributing to the success of hundreds of artists during her career, to date. Notably, as VP, Dolphin Galleries, Inc, Maui, Hawaii, Sian provided practical and financial expertise to an industry which is known to lack the ability to generate consistent revenues. Her capacity to promote, produce and launch successful showings of the artists in her care, Sian, contributed to the growth of Dolphin Galleries over a 10 year period, taking the company from 200K per year, to annual sales in the millions of dollars. Additionally, she contributes innumerable skills as they relate to all aspects of arts cultivation and artistic career development. A master mentor of the creative spirit, there is nothing short of wizardry she imparts to support the artist in the creation of new ideas, new works, while simultaneously encouraging growth, depth, and scope in the artist with whom she chooses to focus. And finally, Sian, is considered visionary in recognizing the most practical applications by which these works can then be sold or placed.

Adept in purchasing, gallery design, show design, professional and creative display, sales and sales training, creative framing, creative placement of public works, stage design, costume design, image design, vocal coaching, and, finally, an extremely refined skill in accessing the people for whom these works would hold the greatest value.

An award winning designer of environment, landscaping and floral design, Sian is masterful in her ability to create an awe inspiring, sensory rich experience for the viewer, the artists, and the company.
Sian has been featured earlier in this blog but since then she has sent gift certificates for the attendees of Shout: Kiss My Art on the November 11th date. This information is provided again in her company's branded information and in thanks from me, creator of Votre Vray. Together, each and every one of us as a team, we can stand tall for creative women everywhere.

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