Saturday, November 01, 2008

To Know TED is to love TED

Okay, so the headline may cause you to ask who on earth is TED but I admit, being the bugaboo that I can be, I was trying to mislead you a tad. TED is a what.
If you like online video but are sick of the drivel that you can come across on other sites, TED may be your new favorite video feed. A storytelling friend of mine, Tim Lowry, said, "Anybody who's anybody or ever been anybody worth knowing in their field, is on TED. " Then he warned me, TED is addictive.
I admit, I've watched beat box poets, physical science theorists, Eve Ensler, political leaders, authors and several people I'd never heard of before but now want to learn more about. I believe as an artist I can learn a great deal about the way this diverse group of people express themselves on topics that mean the most to them and their lives.
What I love about the TED conference is that there are no break-out groups. What one person sees at the conference, everyone sees. What a remarkable idea that the collective audience gets to walk away with all the same input but their own take on what was heard and seen!
Anyway, I know I'm being cryptic and not telling you much of anything about what TED is and is not. I'll leave that to those who built their site. Go to TED. It will amaze you...and the best part is, if you sign up as a free member you'll get a message in your inbox each week with at least three segments highlighted for your curiosity and viewing pleasure.
Have fun and know that I LOVE TED!

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