Saturday, November 22, 2008

Most Popular Artist Searches

Van Gogh Vincent - Starry Night
If you've never been to Artcyclopedia, you might be interested to know that they regularly compile a list of most popular searches for artisits.

Take a minute and guess...who is number one?
(No, the picture I've posted isn't by number one, but he's close.)
Who would you expect to be in the top ten?
Then check your answers.

Are you surprised?
Unfortunately, I was not the least bit shocked but instead, deeply saddened to see that only ONE woman made it in their list of the top 30 searches in August 2008.
What does that say for women? Does it mean you cannot be famous no matter what you do?
Or does it free you from expectations? If I were a male artists, would I want the other top 29 shadows over all that I do and attempt? I think not.

What you can do...
Perhaps there is nothing you can do while you're alive but amass a mighty heap of work, show it to anyone who will look and listen, and then, never look back. It is very likely your work will earn far more for those who gain the rights to it when you're gone than in the years you created it unless you embrace modern marketing techniques that will make you a household name...someday, if not this month, year or decade.

What should you do?
Create. Don't worry about being famous. If that really matters, hire a PR firm and /or publicist. Blog your heart out. In the end, though, what will matter is that you created a body of work and shared it continually. Don't expect to be a shooting star in the starry night. Expect to work until you cannot work anymore. That is the life of a creative. You'll be compelled to create and when you're restricted you'll become unable to manage well in your own skin. Your art is your mental processing until and your communication with the world. Don't second-guess your purpose in each stroke, step, bauble, or piece of ephemera. Keep moving and know, creating will offer you more avenues to live a healthy, sane, well-adjusted life than giving it up and forcing yourself to be whatever society claims you should.

Until next time,
keep creating.

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