Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Step with Your Dream, Leaps for Your Future

Synergy seems to be the key to a creative life. If you follow your creative dreams you'll be continually handed opportunities to share that dream with others. Because I elected to attend a business lecture, I met several more women who I can share the Votre Vray mission with. Today's Women's Empowerment (at the yW) lunchtime lecture/workshop given Mike Cannon of PWC Group in Greenville, SC. The best part for me was that Mike gave all attendees a copy of his co-authored book The Selling Machine so the information he taught us can be referred to after we get home and new questions begin to arise. As an creative woman and entrepreneur, I found the information he provided to be exactly what I need to be able to take the next serious steps in bringing the work of Votre Vray and Shout: Kiss My Art to a larger audience. (That means more people will know the creative women I've had the pleasure of meeting this year, and hopefully, that name recognition will result in more business for everyone.)

One of the ladies who sat at my table is a woman who sells "uplifting note cards and large prints" of original photography. Her name is Kathryn A. Preston and her business is in Taylors, SC. If you're looking for a unique little way to share your love, admiration or respect, I believe you should be able to find something at RK Originals that meets your needs, and since she's a woman living the creative life, you know her heart is in what she does!

Another attendee invited me to a bi-monthly networking group that allows guests to give a one minute introductory "pitch" about who we are, what we do and what we desire for business opportunites. I'll be attending that luncheon this Friday.

A third woman shared that she is closing her business after 16 years in the industry and 10 years of owning her own company because she is ready for a new, exciting, creative adventure that allows her to follow her dreams. She's excited and surprised by the amount of energy that she has since she's made the choice to close the doors on her company.

Who have you met today because you were following your dream?

Or, if you haven't started your personal journey to living a life of your dreams, what opportunities did you miss out upon today because you haven't made that step?

Until next time,
keep creating!

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