Friday, November 21, 2008

Gratitude, Joy and Success

As a former student of the Pacific Institute and of Lou Tice's work, I'm often reminded of our blind spots or things we do not see that are perfectly perceptible if we know how to open your eyes to them. One way to open your eyes is to take time to look and listen. Then, be thankful for what you see and hear. In other words, learn the skill of gratitude.

Today, I was introduced by storyteller Connie Regan-Blake to the work of Damaris Pierce of Asheville, NC, by way of Connie forwarding  my newsletter to Damaris. Damaris sent me a message to tell me a bit about her work. Check it out and note that one of Damaris' websites is all about gratitude and offers gratitude postcards you can send for this purpose. This networking of e-mails is one simple example of marketing. Connie and I are not close friends, but we're both tellers and know some of the same people and travel in the same circles. She thought my work might speak to Damaris, who immediately reached out to me and introduced herself. Now you, friends of Votre Vray, have a chance to meet Damaris and send her work to each other. A simple set of events that any artist or creative person can do to reach out to others.

So, in your day, spread some joy by reaching out to new people, thank them for what they do that speaks to you and your truth, and be thankful for what you have, see and hear. Each time you make this choice, the windows of opportunity can only open further, making success a future certainty.

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