Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MOCA Financial Crisis and You

"Los Angeles' prestigious but chronically under-funded Museum of Contemporary Art has fallen into crisis and is seeking large cash infusions from donors, the Los Angeles Times reports. Museum director Jeremy Strick also said he is not ruling out the possibility of merging with another institution or sharing MOCA's collection of almost six thousand works."

Boehm, Mike. "MOCA Faces Serious Financial Problems." Los Angeles Times 11/19/08.

What could this possibly mean to you, as a creative person, or as an artist?
What I see as the relationship is that to have the artistic and creative essentials in our lives sometimes, when life throws a curve ball, people regroup, reassess and make choices to help perpetuate what they feel is most significant during a crisis.

If you're not able to sell enough of your original works, what are you doing to sell lower-price point, mass marketable items with your art connected to it? Who have you partnered with to achieve mutual goals, cut costs and create long-term bonds that may benefit the both of you well beyond the lean times?
  • You can live your dreams --- but sometimes hard work is required to make it happen.
  • You can make a living as a creative person if you're willing to be creative about the business aspect as well.
  • You can find ways to partner with others to keep your dream alive. (In fact, I'd consider that to be essential because community is what creates a demand and buzz around any creative venture.)
Until next time,
keep creating.

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