Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meeting New Artists

How long has it been since you went out and actually met a new artist -- especially one who does work that is absolutely unrelated to what you do? Here in Greenville, SC, we had the auspicious opportunity to meet 106 different artists during Open Studio the first weekend of November this year. Nothing inspires creativity like seeing the work that others are doing. 

One artist I was unable to meet during Open Studios just happened to be able to attend Shout! Kiss My Art! this past Tuesday. The minute she showed me her business card I said in recognition, "I've seen your work at the MAC!" (MAC is our Metropolitan Arts Council.) She smiled and said, that indeed it was her work I'd seen and she was quite gracious while I excitedly called my husband over to meet her and show him her card. It was a moment of synergy that highlights what the Votre Vray Creative Women project is all about. 
My question to you is, since you've heard about, and maybe even participated in the project, how many other artist have you met? Did you look at each other's work and give compliments or encouragement where it was due? Or did you only look to see where your name came up and ignored everyone else? 
I honestly believe the greatest resource all people have is each other. That is what life is all about. We need mentors, inspiration, kind words and friendship to help us through our life's journey. Are you a helper or do you suck up all the resources without giving back?

Ways you can give to others:
  • Look at each other's work and give compliments.
  • Read about what other artists and creatives are up to and tell anyone you can about what excites you in your field.
  • Go to open studios, performances and sales and introduce yourself. Maybe you'll make a new friend, not just a network connection.
  • Read each others' blogs and websites and tell the creator what inspires you.
  • Buy each others' work.
These are just the beginning, but I want to strongly encourage you to talk to each other. Being creative is a lonely road sometimes. Your head is so full of what you're solving and re-solving that you cannot see all the beauty that surrounds you. The most beautiful resource we have is each other. 

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