Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Artist Have Great Perception

Through the Votre Vray Creative Women interview process I had the opportunity to ask women how they felt when someone called them an artist and most women didn't pick up the title and claim it. In fact, that the time I wasn't willing to claim it. Why?

I believe this stems from our perception of what makes a creation art. Is it connecting with the zeitgeist of our times? Is it beauty? Is it truth? Does it require a degree? If so, what about folk artists? Are only "fine" arts legit? Shouldn't performance and literary artists be given the same props for years of training, practice and production? 

Who are you excluding from your definition of art? How does this exclusion limit your vision and create blind spots that may be also curbing your ability to work?

These are all questions people have debated endlessly, much like the old comfortable arguments between political factions, religious groups and so on. Stop fighting. Start looking and question YOUR perception. Attitude and openness can alter your entire experience on this earth. It does not diminish you to give credit to others where it is due. Be a better artist by opening your horizons, stealing energy (but not work) from each other, and question your artistic authority over the efforts of others. Elitism is more than unbecoming.

Until next time,
keep creating.

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