Saturday, November 22, 2008

Running an Art Business and Bartering for Services

Many artists I know are always fearful where their next paycheck will come from and want to barter for services because arts is their most valuable commodity and readily available for trade.
On their behalf, I did some online research and came across some very interesting information from Alan Bamberger.

Bartering: Know the tax laws
Did you know there are TWO types of bartering?
  • One is called retail exchange.
  • The other is corporate barter.
Visit this article for a detailed explanation.

Sell Your Art Like a Gallery Would*
  • Have regular hours for buyers or set appointments
  • Accept credit card payments
    (Did you know you can accept credit cards via PayPal for on-site transactions instead of going through a bank?)
*See more details on this subject.

Alan Bamberger is a consultant for artist with very low fees. If you've used his services and are satisfied, please chime in here on the comments section. Otherwise, visit his site for his plethora of free articles on the business end of being an artist.

As always, please do you own due diligence when taking anyone's word, including mine. If it is financial advice you need, confirm your findings with an expert. If it is a referral you need, as the service provider for referrals that you can follow up on.

Until next time,
keep creating!

P.S. All rights to Alan Bamberger's work and services belong solely to him and not to Votre Vray. Listing his links and information about his is solely based upon my research and hopefully will connect artists to resources they need and I'm not fully qualified to offer based upon my experiences as a literary and performance artist who networks with artists of all media and modes. Mel Edwards or Votre Vray is not affiliated with Alan Bamberger or in any way.

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