Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reunion. com Invite Apologies -- Computer Glitch Spam

Dear Friends of Votre Vray,

It seems that Reunion.com has sent spam to everyone in my address list without my permission. I received an invite from my dear friend that I'd known since I was four years old, so I "joined" the Reunion list. Then, the list manager asked if I wanted to automatically invite everyone in my address book. I clicked the choice that said no, I'd invite people manually, but alas, it started to do its thing anyway. I tried to stop it, and thought I did so successfully until I received a barrage of messages and calls from friends, family, business contacts and former colleagues stating they'd been invited.

Please know this will never happen again. It was absolutely unintentional and I know that we're all too busy to mess with all of this social media all of the time. I do not have a paid membership with Reunion.com and at this point do not intend to. 

If you want to follow me and what I'm doing, the blog is the best way or ask to be put on my monthly Constant Contact newsletter list. I did just join Facebook at the invitation of a fellow local poet that I admire and am a member there if you're interested in being on my "friends" list. Honest, though, I am not sure I'll use Facebook much at all. The Votre Vray project eats up all of my spare time (in a good way).

Again, I'm sorry you were spammed and it will not occur again.

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