Sunday, January 04, 2009

Best Indie Artists to Know?

Who are the best business and role models for you art?

I'm looking for names of artists, what their type of art is (performance, fine, applied or literary), what makes them a great model for people to follow.

Here's an example:

Artist: Henry (aka Hank) Rollins
Type(s) of Art: Performance/Spoken Word, band member, indie publisher, actor, poet/writer, etc.
What makes him a great model: This man works harder than any creative person I know. Yes, he speaks his mind, doesn't hold back the swearing/cussing, and admits he screams and can't sing a lick. What I love about him is that he's a good person with strong moral values (believes in "live and let live," doesn't drink or use drugs, hates abuse of power, respects individuality), and he gets a great deal accomplished not only for his career but in support of others whose work may never see the light of day without his help.

So...who do you respect who is a self-made artist/creative and is NOT signed with a major label/publisher etc.? Be sure to list name, type of art, what makes him/her a great model. You can either post a reply here or e-mail me your answer at: MelEdwardsConnect [at]

I'll be posting a follow-up to this in a month.

Until next time,
keep creating!

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