Friday, January 16, 2009

Making New Friends...and Introductions for YOU!

Every day I am blessed to meet more people. Today I went as a guest to a local networking group and met a handful of people who never heard of me, what I do or the people I have interviewed. Last Friday, when being interviewed as a finalist for the MLK Dream Weekend's Win a Dream contest, I met a half a dozen people who also didn't know me, my dream or the goals of Votre Vray.

What I've Learned Meeting People
It never fails, when I tell people I'm a storyteller who interviews people and shares those interviews, listeners get confused. The first problem is we only hear what we can understand and are interested in. Our minds filter the words and we instantly begin compartmentalizing the information people tell us: who they are, what they do, and if we have any interest in what they're telling us. The second problem is I am not a person who easily fits into a set definition or "box" and people cannot compartmentalize me.

No Box for Me!
I do not want to be in a box. That's why I'm not a public school teacher anymore. I am far more than what that job left me time and energy to be. I think "creative truth teller" sums up what I do well-enough so that those who are intrigued will ask. When they ask, I get to introduce YOU, or other Friends of Votre Vray who have met me. Those who don't ask, because they think I'm too touchy-feely, woo-woo, or crazy to deal with will move past the titls, miss out on meeting some of the most amazing people in the world. They're just not our soul mates. I'm okay with that.

Collapse the Box
Live your life and know, those who don't get you, aren't meant to. Let them be and seek like-minded friends everywhere. Don't forget, you've always got a friend here at Votre Vray!

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