Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poetry Slammed by Recession?

The news is out. Geraldine Dodge Foundation has canceled the 2010 poetry festival. The big name event akin to storytelling's National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, just isn't able to stay afloat financially.

Problem and Solution?
Is the problem that most people aren't interested? I don't think so. Perhaps the issue is the model of these festivals. Akin to religious revivals, these events require big tents, performers on platforms, dozens of chairs, lodging and food. All of these factors make the event cumbersome to pull off, and the audience size limited by both space and personal budgets. What would happen if the event were smaller in person but larger across the 'net? Broadband webcasting is much more affordable and bound to garner viewers from around the world. Hmmm...maybe I'll suggest this to the powers that be. There's got to be a better way and cutting these events out entirely would be more than a crying shame. What do you think?

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