Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey Trek, Pick Me!

Trek (the bike company) is looking for a few good women bloggers...who ride. This morning I submitted my entry about why I love to ride and why they should select me. I hope you have fun reading my entry. I had a giggle or two writing it.


As a girl, I rode every day of my life -- for fun, to go see friends, recreation -- and the sheer trill of coasting down a hill yelling, you got it, “Wooo hooo!” As an adult, I have barely used a bike at all because I find it difficult to find a place to ride that is safe and away from highways, or a bike that is WSD and small enough for my 5’ tall body. This year, I've decided to return to my roots because I was healthier, happier and life was simpler in my hometown. These days, I ride for the fun of it, the physical activity and to reacquaint myself with a natural pace. (Let’s face it, multi-tasking only makes me a harried, grumpy girl!)

My Commitment to Ride
I sold my truck (my husband and I now share a Toyota Yaris if a car is necessary) and I am getting a bike that fits my stature. Currently, we have a bike trail located a few miles from our current home that is safe to ride but hard to get to without being hit by a car. (No death wish here.) As a result, we plan to move to my childhood hometown (Glens Falls, NY) early this summer so we can live in a place where bikes are used regularly: bike lanes on almost all of the roads, and a bike trail that leads to Lake George village (9 miles from our home there to the lake).

My Commitment to Others
I believe that I have a moral obligation to share my learning and expertise with others. I’m a teacher and hold a master’s degree in storytelling, and am a blogger already. My primary blog is, and focuses upon people living their “truth” or truest life path that honors who they are. I believe these combination of skills make my writing suited to teach others in an entertaining way. I don’t hold back. If my butt hurts after a ride folks will know it -- on the blog, my Facebook friends and I’ll Tweet about it too. I’d love to help encourage other curvy girls to get their butt in the saddle and give the wheels a whirl again. Together, we’ll have one heck of a year!

Why Pick Mel Edwards?
I'm going to have my bike, be out there riding and writing about it anyway. Why not pick a chick who has the passion and commitment and a big mouth to shout about it? I'll be at BlogHer Conference in Chicago crowing about my work, living in two states (SC and NY) and I'm telling you, it is better to hitch your dreams to my wheels than to build a blogger from scratch.

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