Monday, January 19, 2009

Change Your Mind, Powerfully

Recently, I went to a workshop given by Pamela Bruner. She's originally known as being a master at the harp, but she is also a coach for service professionals. The focus of the workshop was money -- something most artists and creatives always want more of. Even though I'm pretty savvy when it comes to mind/body connections and energy work (I'm a Reiki master and an Ashtanga yoga teacher), Pamela introduced me to EFT.

What is EFT?
The acronym is for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Apparently, it is used for treating soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder and the rest of us with our morass of personal challenges and blocks. In the workshop, we used it to treat our emotional blocks to receiving money.

How Does it Work?
It involves vocal acknowledgement of an emotional issue, ranking of the level of anxiety the issue produces on a 0-10 scale, and tapping along your meridians as you state the problem, what you believe. Later, once anxiety is below a level 5, what you're willing to accept as your new truth. I used it this morning in regard to some sciatic pain that has recently developed, shortly after a medical practicioner treated a minor injury and said, "You must also have terrbile sciatic pain too." I said, "Actually, I never have," but sure enough, in a matter of days, I manifested the pain. I can say, after a few minutes of EFT this morning, the pain is gone.

You Can Do it!
Please visit her site to watch a video of her teaching the basics of EFT in a workshop. Give it a try, but understand, some emotional issues may be too intense to just work to a zero or one level in a session, especially when done by a newbie with no coach or trained professional to assist you. Still, I believe it was worth the price of the workshop just to learn this technique.

Oh, and if you reach out to Pamela, tell her Mel Edwards sent you!

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