Monday, August 18, 2008

More Amazing Women You Should Know

Wowee! What a ride this Votre Vray Creative Women project has been! Every day I've met several women who have the power to change the world with their verve, spunk and drive to be their truest selves, following their authentic path of passion to create a life they love living.

Here are some great ladies I've met and you should get to know today:

Sian (pronounced Shee-ahn) Lindeman, Creativity Coach and creator by her own right as well. What do you think it would cost to build an internationally known, money marking, artistic career from scratch? $100K? $1M? Think again. Sian can get your career on the launch pad with three months of intensive work at a mere $5,000! Try getting anyone to devote three months to your business for less! Visit for more information.

Ever dream of "the good old days" and want to return to your roots? You should meet Rosalea Hostetler, founder of the Prairie Connection and the Balmer Fund to preserve the prairies. She's fiesty, outspoken (just search for her on YouTube!) and controversial as she aims to put an end to "good ole boy" networks and "bullying on the prairies." Visit her website: to see her Liar's Pavillion and what the ruckus is all about.

Does music inspire your soul? Look no further than Judy Rodman, singer, songwriter, and powerhouse behind Runaway Home ~ The Musical. Judy addresses the tough issues of being a runaway, the human needs of safety and connection, all while inspiring others through teaching and her own entertainment work. Visit to learn more about this lovely lady today.

Is paradise only something for the after-life? I don't think so, and if you meet Elin Pendleton, you'll agree. She lives on a nature preserve with a menagerie of dogs, cats, horses, and goats. With a mother who had her pilot's license in the 1930s it is no wonder Elin is such a vivacious gal. She made laugh when she said, "I'm no Van Gogh...thank G-d!" You may see her work and her blog by beginning at

More brief profiles will be up as I move through the week and prepare for the Upstate Women's Show, here in Greenville, SC. If you're in town, please do visit my booth!

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