Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Votre Vray Creative Women Survey - Reply here OR via e-mail

Below is the basic survey I'll be using at the Upstate Women's Show this weekend (August 22-24) in Greenville, SC.
You can either reply here in the comments section or e-mail me at:
MelEdwardsConnnect [at] Yahoo [dot] com.

Please know, any comments you make may appear in this blog, in my one woman show (entitled Shout: Kiss My Art) or in the Votre Vray Creative Women book.

I look foward to your input.

Votre Vray Creative Women Survey/Input

My Creative Life (select as many as apply)
1. I am a full-time (or at least half-time) professional artisan/crafter 
2. I craft or create art for a hobby/pleasure and sell my work (for less than 50% of my total income).
3. I craft of create art for a hobby/pleasure and give my work as gifts to loved ones.
4. I craft or create art for a hobby/pleasure and keep my work to myself.
5. I used to be full-time professional artisan/crafter but ....(include explanation why you are no longer a professional, please).
6. I used ot craft/create art but I let my roles (relationships/children/career) stop me.
7. I used to craft/create art but my health/age prevents me from doing my art.
8. I used to craft/create but I gave up on it...(if so, please explain why).

My advice/Comments to Women about living a creative life:
(insert your comments)

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