Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Votre Vray Creative Women Update

Well, folks, if you have been following the blog about Mel Edwards' Votre Vray Creative Women project you probably have noticed that not a whole lot has happened blog-wise in almost two weeks. Here's the latest.

1. The Votre Vray Creative Women interview process has ended. If you sent a release form and answered the six interview launch questions and did not get a chance to be interviewed for Volume 1 of the Votre Vray project, have no fear. Your information will still be included in the final product. However, since the project is already one month behind, I just had to stop the interviewing process. I can't create a one-woman show and write a book at the same time, and certainly can't do either while talking on the phone. If you have something to add, please e-mail me by this Friday, August 15th so it can be added to my notes for the final piece. 

2. Mel has been in the recording studio! I've recorded nineteen poems, four songs and four stories this past week, and have enough material for TWO cds! I'll be sure to alert you when they're ready for sale. 

3. Shout: KMA (Kiss My Art!) T-shirts are for sale. Buy a shirt for $15 for sizes S-XL, $18 for sizes 2XL and 3XL and $5 will go to arts organizations to help offer free or reduced-price classes in the arts for women. 

4. Upstate Women's Show is August 22-24 at the Carolina First Center in Greenville, SC. Mel. will be there with Shout: KMA (Kiss My Art!) shirts, poetry chapbooks, and cds for sale. Also, local Upstate SC women artists can fill out a questionnaire for inclusion in the Votre Vray Creative Women project statistics and brief response sections of the book. (If you've done the interview launch questions, you've already done this, so don't worry about missing out.) 

5. Mel's been on Internet Voices Radio! Toni Quest, Votre Vray Creative Woman herself, interviewed Mel last night, August 11th. Go to www.internetvoicesradio.com, click on archives, and then select Toni's name. You then can listen to the interview. 

6. More Votre Vray Creative Women profiles are coming! Several profiles will be added to this blog by the end of the week (August 15th) with the final round by the end of August. Once your profile has been added, I'll notify you immediately by e-mail. 

Thank you ever so much for your support in this project. You can continue to make it a success by telling all your friends, relatives and business associates about Votre Vray. Ask them to subscribe to the blog. Add a link to the blog on your web pages and personal RSS feeds. Buy a Shout: KMA (Kiss My Art!) shirt to help other women follow in your footsteps. E-mail Mel and tell her where in your community you can envision her doing her one-woman show. Together, we can make an impact and improve the lives of women artists everywhere. 

Let's become the Oprah show of Creative Women!
Until next time, 
Keep Creating!

p.s. Mel's big dream is to have the Votre Vray Creative Women one-woman play become an HBO special. If you know anyone who may know anyone with HBO productions, please e-mail Mel! (MelEdwardsConnect [at] Yahoo [dot] com)

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