Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remembering Artists Hit by Floods from Levee Breaks and Katrina

It has been three years since Katrina ravaged the south and the weakness of the levees became a nightmare for those in New Orleans. Votre Vray artist Rachelle Matherne, of, lost much to flooding. Still, when the flooding hit the mid-west this year she was certain to do what she could knowing the experience all too well. Rachelle told Mel Edwards' Votre Vray that some sent her basic art supplies though various organizations. She could have received more, including funds, but she had not been in business long enough. 

With this post, I've included a link about how the Getty Foundation is helping the world of arts post-Katrina. Knowing most of us do not have these same resources to help, perhaps you should buy a little something from Rachelle, or any other artist you know in the area. (See for ideas.) The struggle isn't over yet, as the road is long indeed.

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