Thursday, August 21, 2008

Votre Vray Newsletter Launched

Greetings, from a really wiped out booth constructor. (I don't know how you visual artists do these shows so many times and not crumble with frustration and melt into a puddle of persiration.)

The Votre Vray newsletter was launched yesterday, with a special edition going to my old writerly and storytelling pals this morning. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not able to get the interviews posted to the blog as quickly as I conduct them. Perhaps I'm a bit overbooked trying to manage such a huge project solo,but I think it is more of a matter of wanting to do quality over quantity. However, I kid you not that my July phone time topped 2,300 minutes! (No wonder I haven't posted as many interviews as I would have preferred by now!)

  1. If you didn't get the newsletter, please e-mail me and I'll make sure you get the next one.
  2. If you sent in interview launch question answers but we ran out of time and didn't get to your interview (or I was unable to reach you at the time I had you on my schedule) your answers are still part of the project and will be used where they work best.
  3. If you interviewed and you do not have a website, I will be contacting you to see if you'd like me to publish your e-mail address so potential art clients can reach you.
  4. If you did the launch questions and the interview, but haven't seen your work on the blog yet, please know, as I stated before: I cannot use the same exact information in the blog that I do in the book and in the show, otherwise no one would buy the book or see the show. As time permits, I will make sure everyone is mentioned at least once on the blog, and those with websites will have those sites listed as friends of Votre Vray. My goal is to make this a win for all of us, and the blogs I pounded out in a hurry turned out to be filled with typos. I don't want to do that ever again, as it makes us all look bad.
That said, I most sincerely thank you for sharing your story with me! I will continue to treat you and your work with the utmost respect, in as timely a manner as I can. My entire purpose of the project is to honor us all, and I won't stop until it is done.


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