Monday, August 25, 2008

Upstate Women's Show Reflections

Are you an artist that is thinking of being in a weekend show somewhere?

Do you have any idea what the traffic pattern for the event will be like?

What sort of giveaways will you have?

What is your main purpose in going -- sales? recognition? launch a new project?

All of these questions and more should come to mind when exhibiting as a vendor. The Upstate Women's Show in Greenville, SC, had a few challenges. First, all the spa/beauty/baubles items were on the right side of the venue. For some reason, they put me on the left side, next to the YWCA, and across from two home improvement companies. I had no choice in this, but did the best I could seeing I was the only creative girl on the block.

What I got out of the show: Recognition for Votre Vray and Shout: Kiss My Art, and several new artists who filled out questionnaires for the Creative Women project book.
What I would have liked more of: Sales.

Will I attend again next year? Perhaps, if they make some changes and let me exhibit near other creative folks, and if I have a new Votre Vray project ready.

All in all, I met some great people, gained a new friend or two amongst the other business owners, and learned how to best meet a non-creative crowd in future events.

Until next time,
keep creating!

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