Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MLK Dream -- A Winner!

Several weeks ago I posted my dream to a local MLK Dream contest. This morning, I received a call that I am one of the winners of a finalist spot. On Friday, I'll be interviewed by the judges and Friday night I'll be at the Diversity Banquet at the Hyatt Hotel. This is one more win for Votre Vray and one more step toward getting the word about about all the creative women I've been so blessed to interview this year. Thank you, everyone, for your unending support! Together, we'll make living your creative dream a viable alternative for ALL people.

My dream is to empower women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, religions, sexual orientation, physical ability to be able to live an artistic or creative life that is not only personally and spiritually fulfilling, but also financially rewarding enough to pay her bills and foster her growth in her work. I have created a one-woman presentation called “Shout: Kiss My Art” that showcases parts of 75 different female artists/creatives dreams, but now I want to put those dreams (along with my own) and the dreams of artistic Greenville women into a book. (Next year I plan to expand to do all of the same for male artists.) I have received some support and my blog also showcases some of the women I’ve had the pleasure to meet in the past few months. (www.votrevray.blogspot.com) It is my final goal to use at least 20% of the money raised from sales of tickets to my show, sales of the book, or sales of T-shirts to fund grassroots scholarships to women who want to try to begin their creative dreams. I would hand over scholarship money directly to artists and arts organizations who will teach women how to do their art and begin their creative path. (However, right now this dream has cost me several thousand dollars, and before I can give scholarships, I need to have my materials ready to go to market.) I would deeply appreciate any assistance or partners I can find in this journey. (The Metropolitan Arts Council has already given me a small grant, and the yW has partnered with me to hand out Women’s Empowerment (entrepreneurial) info. Both organizations have been essential to moving this dream forward. Thank you.)

Point of claification: My win at this point is like a finalist in a beauty pageant. I haven't won the whole shebang yet...but I feel it. I really do.

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That's awesome!! Your dream is taking flight!!! Right here with ya babe!!!