Monday, January 05, 2009

OMG! BlogHer Winners Announced!

Thank you to Queen of Spain for holding the BlogHer giveaway and announcing this morning that Gwynne is going to BlogHer....but my favorite part of the news is that Dawn of Alex Year Two was so inspired by Queen of Spain that she also is giving away one BlogHer registration!

I could go ahead and make you read all the details...but I can't resist blurting good news....

She just sent me a link to her post. Within the post it said, "Mel Edwards - start figuring out your end of the budget, I’ve got yer registration right here."

OMG! I'm going on a train to BlogHer! (Anyone need a roommate?)

I immediately called mom. I was sobbing and I said, "I have good news. I know I'm crying but it is good..." When I finally explained the whole thing and read Dawn's post to her, she said, "I'm sending you a check for $300 for your train ticket." In return, I'm to send good vibes and Reiki to a friend of mom's who is having cancer surgery on the 15th (something I would have done anyway). Mom reminded me it is all about paying it I'll do my part with her friend...and anything I can continue to do to help promote independent creatives who are starting their journey of following their truth.


Gwynne said...

It's so completely exciting! I've already looked up the cost of my train ticket, and it's not too expensive. I live in Flint, MI, so the train goes right between the two cities, with no transfers!

Now, I have to figure this all out, how to Pay It Forward myself!

I'm so happy for you!

dawn224 said...

Paying it forward - exactly!

dawn224 said...

oh - and I have the registration paid for - but I'm having tech issues with getting your information in it - Once I figure it out I'll send it on to you -