Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What Makes You Take Action?

Thanks to the most generous gift of Dawn, from Alex Year Two, of the free admission to the BlogHer '09 Conference, I've finally gotten myself together enough to join BlogHer.com and make my first post. Honestly, I run around the 'net and my office so much that there is a long, long list of "want to get to" items that appears not only on my vision board, and my white board, but also in my head. It took Dawn's generosity to get me to take action.

What nudge would you need to actually do one of those things that are listed on your "want to get to" list? For some, unfortunately, it takes a major life crisis to get motivated. For others, it is finally getting some hope that their dream is going the way they envision. Perhaps, you're a visual person and the above image of the KitKat bench (from Trend Insights) got your brain bubbling. My new year's challenge to myself is to cross one item of my "want to get to" list each week for the year...yes, my list is really that long. I'd love to have you join me. Create your own "want to do" list, and start acting. Then, please post comments here or e-mail me about what you're achieving for yourself. I'd love to celebrate with you, and I'd be happy to blog about your efforts if you'll let me.

In fact, I will give away FOUR free "Shout: Kiss My Art!" T-shirts to motivate you. One shirt will go to each four readers who post a comment here that sends me to your blog or website. Your blog or site must have a post detailing what actions you've taken on your "want to do" list. The actions you've taken to shorten your "must do list" have to be related to moving your dreams forward. Please be sure to tell us what your dream is! The contest begins Wednesday, January 7th and runs until Monday, January 12th. I'll post winners here on Monday.

Happy First Week of 2009 and good luck!


Melissa Edwards said...

By the way, the reason why you can't post an answer until Wednesday is because I want you to DO something. Once you've done it, share the details with us! Have fun!

Melissa Edwards said...

Someone just e-mailed and asked "What if we want to enter and don't have a blog?"
Answer: E-mail your entry to me...what you would post about your dream and what you've done to move it forward and I'll post it here (in comments) as a blog entry.
Good luck! I can't wait to hear what good you're doing for yourself and your dreams!

mimi shapiro said...

Hi Mel - and yes art is the verb to do!! to make and be creative...it can be making chicken curry on a dreary day like this cold and rainy one in Lancaster PA. But seriously! I am working on a series of 100 altered book covers - and I am booking along!! yes these will be a visual pun...with a bit of seriousness to the series titled knowledge...I think that the job of the artist is to just keep on working! and trying new things!! as my covers are drying - I am playing with water-based oils and they are all process and great fun!!
xo mimi shapiro

Bailey Earith said...

"09 is going to be amazing! I'm full of energy and devouring my list! Instead of getting distracted by busy work, I concentrating on only the most important things. Check it out@ Baileyfiberart.blogspot.com

CreativeFlutter said...

Hi Mel!

Guess I did do something and this wasn't even on my list. I don't even have a list yet! LOL!

A friend of mine contacted me 2 days ago with a new website that her friend had got some of his art on and she thought I would be interested. I checked it out and started following them on Twitter and read LATE last night that they were still looking for someone for their No Profit Friday feature. I jumped at that chance to have limited edition prints of my art to profit a charity of my choosing! I have been wanting to make money for this wonderful children's orphanage in Kenya called Happy Life Children's Home. My church supports them but I wanted to physically do something for them myself. Well I pitched it to them last night and they accepted it and today it's for sale and is the only print they are selling until it runs out! Hopefully it will today! 125 run and at only $12 a piece. All the proceeds go to Happy Life! I'm thrilled and feel proud that I was in the right place at the right time! Check it out! http://wallblank.com/

Thanks Mel! I totally would have never even posted this if you didn't remind me!

Love ya!

tjay said...

Finally, I varnished 5 paintings and was supposed to work on a new one. Instead, I designed complete new branding for two friends who have the guts to start their own business at a time like this. Instead of just wishing them the best, I pitched in to help. I'm proud of them and of myself. Their new id is pretty cool too. They're at www.mozellegroup.com

Kimberly Kelly Santini said...

I spent this afternoon adding gallery stretched paintings to my etsy store - http://ksantini.etsy.com . Feels so good to cross this one off, I think I'll go revise/tweek my blog template now - http://www.paintingadogaday.com . Thanks, Mel!! :)