Friday, January 02, 2009

Creatives and Truth Seekers Must-Haves for 2009

Welcome to 2009...okay, so we're in the second day of the year...but your resolutions and momentum should just be getting into gear. This is an excellent time to look at what resources are out there that will help you hone in on what your best path for 2009 is.

First Resource:
Other people who are on the path you want to be walking, running or rocketing down. Make friends, build relationships, watch, listen and learn. Are you on LinkedIn? Do you tweet on Twitter? What groups are you in on Facebook? Are you where the sonic-speed movers are? If you want to be, these online networks might be a good place to lurk (or as my best friend says, stalk those you want to be like). Oh! When you get there, connect to me and I'll be happy to help in any way that I can. Anytime.

Second Resource:
If you haven't figured out exactly what your strengths are or what you want to achieve, lurking on forums won't help you very much. I've never seen a tweet that says, "Hey! This is the perfect choice for the rest of your life!" One book that I strongly recommend for creatives is Carol Lloyd's Creating a Life Worth Living. This is actually more useful than The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for those who aren't sure they are an artist. (However, if you're certain you're an artist, you can't afford to not read Cameron!)

Third Resource:
Your own personal network of like-minded individuals. If your mom thinks you're wasting your time by not becoming a MBA, don't share your dreams with her. In fact, you might want to get her a copy of Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future because Pink is sure the MFA is the new MBA of this century.
No one around who is "like minded"? Go back to resource number one, the social networks, or better yet, go to a conference or event that caters to people in your dream industry. You're bound to find kindred spirits and the only way you'll live your dream is to find it, claim it and live it!

Until next time,
keep creating.

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Monica Hamburg said...

These are all great suggestions. I have a special attachment to "Creating a Life Worth Living" as I remember reading it in the lunchroom of a particularly lame temp job. It seemed very telling and sad to walk around reading this book when looking utterly miserable. (And amusing in a sick way). I also found that book far better than The Artist's Way.