Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good-bye 2008, and Thanks for all the Hits!

Dear Friends, Followers and Fans,

I most sincerely thank you for a great 2008!

Together, we can continue to follow our dreams, teach the world about what positive work we do in the universe, and be friends. (How cool is that?)

My first note of thanks goes to Peter Shankman, of HARO, because without HARO I wouldn't have had such wondrous ladies to interview for Votre Vray Creative Women.

Second thank you, but no less significant, I thank each of the ladies who went through the interview process. (See Friends of Votre Vray on the sidebar for a listing of those with websites and blogs.)

Third, and possibly most important of all, I need to thank the readers and followers of Votre Vray blog. Without an audience our work isn't worth much for than tension release of the creative mind.

I fully believe 2009 will be exponentially more fulfilling for the Votre Vray community because we're learning and growing together. Make friends. Play Nice. Spread the word that there's a community focused upon the positive work of amazing creative people...and invite them to Votre Vray. It is all free and will continue as long as I'm alive and kicking.

Happy New Year!
-Mel., founder of Votre Vray

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P.S. Don't forget to send me press releases so I can blog about all the great things you're up to in 2009!

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