Monday, December 01, 2008

Do it for Love -- Or, What Does $ Have to do with Art ?

The news is official -- as a nation, we've over-spent, over-consumed and are all under-paid for what our appetites allow. Big banks thought they could get away with it. Some mortgage brokers smiled and nodded their way past it. People who had stocks have watched them do the loop-de-loop one too many times. Then, there are the regular folks who said, "We know that is our gross income and no, we cannot afford that payment. I'll keep driving my AMC Gremlin, thank you." Or something like that.

Keep Doing Art -- for Love
Art does not have to be expensive. Writers and sketch artists only need paper and a pencil or pen. Potters, painters and sculptors all can work smaller not harder to continue to afford their supplies and meet the needs of customers. Document your reaction to the world around us, and find ways your art can educator, provoke or bring beauty and truth to the world.

What Customers?
Don't have any these days?
Maybe your art doesn't meet a basic need. If so, you're not alone, but that is no reason to lock up the studio and contemplate your toenails. Step #1 -- Create the Need!

What Can You Do?
Take pictures of the work you've done and use those images to place on items customers do want. Approach a corporation and ask how they decide to license images for their product line. Call PR people and see if any of their clients need art for their space -- and if they do, work a deal where you provide the art, the customer pays the PR folks and you get some great press. Send a piece that is just collecting dust to someone who is in a position to write, talk or shout about it. Honestly. I know art is a labor of love, but ten cent packages of noodles only taste good in your college years.

Don't stop now!
Keep creating.

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