Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dream a Financial Dream

With the collective buzz about the economy and bailing out of industries and banks, the average creative person feels, well, at least miffed, left-out and forgotten. We all want to be successful. In our dreams the federal powers hand us a check that will pay off all of our bills. But the reality is that we, as tax payers, know we're footing the bill for the mistakes others have made. We can be enraged or we can try to make our own positive windfall.

By now, most Americans have at least heard of Rhonda Byrne's self-help powerhouse The Secret. Some even know if you go to the website of the company, you can find helpful resources. You can go here and print yourself a check. Then, write it for any amount that you want. Now, this isn't from a human-run bank and you can't take it to Wells Fargo to cash it. It is from the Bank of the Universe and requires gratitude, visualization and positive expectation. How much money do you want in your life? (Don't say need, or you'll keep creating the need, not abundance.) This visualization tool is powerful. The choice for abundance is all yours.

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