Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CALLING TEACHING ARTISTS of Mixed Media and Jewelry!

Recently, I received a query from HARO and I immediately wrote to the author, Cindy, and asked if I could post this on my site. She said yes but that all replies should ONLY be from artists who teach making jewelry or mixed media.
So, here it is for you to go for it, Friends of Votre Vray!

Deadline in January (see below)!
Category: Lifestyle & Entertainment

Name: Cyndi L


Title: editor

Media Outlet/Publication:
blogging network

Anonymous? No

Specific Geographic Region? No


Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - January 31


"I would like to hear from artists who teach workshops or classes
on the following topics: mixed media arts (including collage,
assemblage, art quilts, etc), bead making, and jewelry making. I'm
looking for those artists who would like to share their teaching
schedules and locations for 2009: please include your name, a brief
description of the class, website link for more information, and an
image of what will be made (72 dpi res).

These schedules will be posted on a first come, first served basis
on either

Both are network blogs with very large readerships."

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