Friday, December 05, 2008

GreenKangaroo and YOU on Flickr

Are you looking for a way to have photos of your work readily accessible to your audience? Maybe you can't afford to have a web designer upload all of your work each time you get a new image. Perhaps you're just a DIY kind of person anyway or you know the value of being seen in a variety of forums. (The whole "I have one website, why do I need a blog, to post my images of work elsewhere and take time for social networking?" just doesn't hold up in to marketing standards. It is nearly as narrow of a market as saying, "I have a business card. Why aren't the customers running to me?")

Rachelle Matherne, artist in charge at GreenKangaroo, of New Orleans not only maintains a website, but makes sure her Facebook friends can see what she's up to when she posts her work on Flickr. Check it out, and if you're in her area, follow her on Facebook and see her at the numerous shows she does regularly. By the way, she has a pretty big following of friends. Why? Because she takes time to be a friend and not just do her art! (Three cheers for Rachelle! You're Votre Vray's inspiration today.)


Rachelle @ said...

I'm with you, Mel. It's so important to have an online presence in multiple places. What's cool is that a lot of the social networking sites are becoming easier to integrate thanks to neat little tools. Facebook is confusing and overwhelming sometimes, but it's the best soc/net site as far as cross pollinating goes.

I'm still waiting for a supersite that allows you to update ALL of your soc/net profiles and pages with one login. Sigh. (And keep up with all your friends' pages. FriendFeed is pretty cool for the latter so far.)

Rachelle @ said...

Oh...and THANK YOU for this post! The Facebook thanks wasn't enough, haha.