Monday, December 08, 2008

Who Cares About Your Bills?

Award willing, top dollar public speaker James Malinchak did not become one of the best in the business while commanding tens of thousands of dollars for each event because he learned how to be the best speaker in front of coaches. He became famous and rich because he realized that "No one cares about your bills but you and the people you owe." He advises to go to those who know how to make money. They will be the mentors who help you pay your bills.

Now, that is not to say if you're not up to par in your art that you don't need to work on those skills simultaneously. Keep practicing your art and develop a body of work that you can share with those who you want to hire you. However, as you create, think about what audiences want.

You don't have to "sell out" to make your mortgage. Decide what your art/skill is and then look for people who want that art/skill. Providing the market with what they already want will make everyone happy in the long run -- you as the creator, and your audience as consumers.

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