Friday, July 11, 2008

30 Fabulous, Funny and Talented Women Artists' Interviews Coming!

Woo Hoo! I've had the incredible pleasure to meet and interview thirty women artists already -- with specialties ranging from the folk tradition, to multi-degree holding visual, performance and wordsmith artists with every modality that one might imagine. This time next week I hope to have most (if not all) of their introductory profiles here.

Until then, spread the word about the Votre Vray project. Invite friends, women you admire, and past enemies too ('cause it's not too late to fix our karma).

Subscribe to the blog, and place a link to this blog on your website. The bigger buzz we create with the project the quicker several things can happen:
1. Participants get recognition for their work from new audiences.
2. Participants get a shot at making new artist friends.
3. Votre Vray can become a published book.
4. Mel can visit your town to do the one-woman Votre Vray: Your Truth is Your Way, Women Artists production.

Oh! Catch this! Britt Menzies, creator of Stinky Kids, (a.k.a. Miss-I-Love-You [her husband says she tells this to every women artist she meets on her creative path]) has volunteered to either be by my side when the book gets published and I have a book signing and/or be on hand opening night of the Votre Vray play! How cool is that?

Love Britt's idea? Well, so do I! If you're one of the women who participate in the interview process, you too can join us for both events. In fact, if you want to have me come to your community and do a special presentation of the play, let me know, and I'll be happy to see what we can work out.

Remember, Votre Vray is not just about us as individuals finding our paths and learning who we are through our creative selves, but also concerned with spreading the words: Support Women Artists who follow their truth! That means you, girl!

Please, dear friends of women artists, do the following this weekend:
1. Tell ten friends about Votre Vray
2. Subscribe to the blog -- 'cause 30 artist profiles will be going up in the next week and you don't want to miss it!
3. Start planning to have Mel. come to your town to do the Votre Vray play.
4. Plan on showcasing your talents at a Votre Vray event or sending treats/information for goodie bags to be given to play attendees. (...and go to and tell Britt you love her and her idea!)

Until next time,

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