Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to Become a Votre Vray Profiled Artist - Volume 2

Those who have been following the blog know I have about 100 women already who have answered the six interview launch questions and filled out the release form (posted June 25th). The deadline for submissions for Votre Vray Creative Women, Volume 1, has passed.

NOTE: If you filled out the documents and haven't heard from me, you'll get an e-mail from me within the next few days to do your follow-up interview.

If you've not filled out the six questions and release form, you can be considered for Volume 2, set to go through the interview process later this fall IF you do at least TWO of the following:
1. Subscribe to the blog and wait for a call for submissions for Volume 2.
2. Post positive comments to the blog and profiles of other artists between now and then.
3. Come to a Votre Vray event.
4. Buy something from a Votre Vray artist (and have the artist e-mail me that you came to them because of the Votre Vray project).
5. Write an article about Votre Vray on your own website or print media and send me a copy (and I'll cross-promote it).

It is my mission to promote women and the arts. We can only do it by working together, reaching out to each other, spreading the word and, holding up our heads to:
Shout: Kiss My Art!

Keep creating!

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