Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Avenue Q makes Peace Center Attendee Nearly Pee Pants from Laughter

OMG! Last night my darlin' hubby and I attended the opening night of Avenue Q's national tour's run at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC. For those who don't know anything about SC, remember that Bob Jones University is in town and most politicians are Republicans. Those who don't know the show, one of the main characters is Rod, a Republican, whose roommate is trying to get him to realize he's gay. Yuppers! What a show for this town! Sometimes I wonder how the arts community and the religious and political communities mesh around here.

What did the audience think? The guys who sat behind us are planning on telling one of their colleagues that his new nickname is Trekkie but not telling him why or what it means. For those who haven't seen the show, Trekkie's motto is "The Internet is for porn." I feel for that colleague of theirs, but I really am laughing my butt off at the guys who are going to start calling him that. You go, guys! The older couple that sat beside me were pretty quiet, but at intermission the wife took a call. I heard her say, "Yes it is, but we're adults. We can handle it." Her husband waited for her to finish and said, "Nice speech." They didn't even grumble when I cheered during the final number when the puppets and players sang about all the things that are just for now --- including George Bush. In my life, that's a major victory to not be scolded for such honesty.

What did hubby and I get from going? Well, we bought the original cast recording, laughed until I nearly peed my pants (that's what I get for drinking a big ice cold fruit slushy drink before the show and not leaving my seat until it was over), and we dubbed it a perfect night. I can't recall that last time I said that.

Oh, and adults who were raised as Sesame Street fans, as I was, will LOVE the puppets and the set. I said, "This is the closest I've even been to Sesame Street!" and I giggled as my husband looked at me like, "Awwww, ain't she cute...a bit soft in the head, but really cute."

WARNING: Do NOT bring kids to see this unless you really want to explain all of adult language, the sex scene that still has us making comments (since the puppets are basically heads with hands), and spend a good part of your life telling them they can't sing the catchy lyrics or say the four letter words that popped into the script.

Still...if you live close and can afford to attend: DO IT! Also call the box office. I read a blurb the other day that two hours before the show some tickets were going to be available for $25 each, first come-first served, limit two tickets per person. With that option, there is no reason to miss it!

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