Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mel headed to Recording Studio

Now hear this, Mel Edwards, Renaissance woman is finally going to the recording studio!

That's right folks, the week of August 4th I'll be at a local recording studio making my first cd of poems, stories, and some content from the opening of the Votre Vray play. I have more material than can possibly fit on one cd, and I won't know until I'm in-process what will work together and what will need to be cut away before the final version is put out there, but that's what creation is all about for me -- trying, re-doing, and re-tooling again and again until I say, "Okay, that's enough for this piece. Time to let it go," even if the piece doesn't match some preconceived ideal.

The good news is most of the pieces will be available for sale within a few days from where, like iTunes, you can pay per download to get the exact content that you want. This will make my work more immediately accessible for those who are interested in hearing my work but can't get to one of my gigs.

To learn more about me and my work, please visit my website:

Until next time,
(you know what I'm going to say....)
Keep Creating!

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