Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Ways to Promote Your Art

Hello, everyone.

As I work on this Votre Vray project I talk to more and more women who don't promote their art outside of their communities, or those who put up a website and just hope someone finds their work.

I've started this post to invite you to share how your promote your work and get business. Please add your tips to the comments section.

Here are a few of my tips from what I do now:
1. Start a blog, and update it regularly. Each post can end up a topic people search for. I love Blogger because it is easy, the templates match my style, it is FREE and Google owns it, so when someone Google's my name or my project, you bet you see a bunch of links pop up. (RSS feeds help too.)
2. Send out a press release for each new venture and event to people who have the option of writing about your work, including to your dream venue/gallery/theatre etc.
3. Participate in statewide and national shows and get your name placed in their advertising for free as an exhibitor/vendor. (I'll be in the South Carolina Upstate Women's Show August 22-24 and I'll be listed for free as one of their exhibitors/vendors.)

Here are some things I'll be doing in the next month:
1. Begin a free newsletter/e-mail list with easy opt in and opt out.
2. Sell related merchandise via an online store such as CafePress, eBay, etc. or use automatic checkout via PayPal for your merchandise. ( will be using the PayPal invoices as soon as I set it up this week.)
3. Participate in free marketing workshops and networking groups to let people know who you are and ask for their tips and tricks.

So, what do you do?
Please share with other Votre Vray readers via the comments section below. Feel free to add links to your websites and blogs in your comments. This community is all about promoting you and your true creative self.

Until next time,
keep creating!

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Michele Grady said...

Great ideas Mel! thanks!