Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Four Women Artists Worth Knowing

Hello, and Happy July!
Most of us get a three day weekend coming up, and since you have time to sit back and relax a bit, why not meet an artist?

The Votre Vray interviews are moving along fast and furiously, with about 30 slated to be completed by July 11th.

Here are links to a few of the fabulous women I've had the pleasure of speaking with in the past week:

Carla Sanders is an artist who focuses upon shamanic and erotic sculpture, painting and silver work. You can't be more pro-feminine than this! Visit her at: www.CarlaSanders.com

Janet Perry, master needleworker and author who has her own designs (and promotes needlework of others through her shop as well) in spite of the fact she is battling MS.
Janet can be reached at: http://www.napaneedlepoint.com/

Violette, a sassy, spunky, Canadian folk artist with a genuine love of color and glitter. See her art, van, and watch a video
of her house (as was featured on the TV show Weird Homes). Violette's site is: www.violette.ca

Tisha DeShields, wanted to have a legacy all mothers could pass on to their children filled with memories and love, so she created belly castings that can be decorated and personalized for each child. You've got to see: www.OriginalBellyWorks.com

Keep posted as the first wave of artist profiles pop up as the holiday weekend nears, and continue through July 18th.

Until next time, keep creating!

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