Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go To Work Every Day

The following is an excerpt of an interview with Robin Koehler, fiber artist, for Votre Vray Creative Women by Mel. Edwards.

There is no magic pill for achievement or artistry. “Whether your life is a creative one or a 9-5 office life, the basic principles apply to us all. If you follow those principals, success should follow,” says Robin Koehler. “Go to work every day. Don’t stop learning, and don’t be afraid to try anything.”

Speaking of trying anything, many creative people will put their hands and hearts to work in a variety of mediums, loving some more than other. “When I found fiber arts, I walked away from all the other mediums I had attempted over the years. I can’t imagine doing anything else since I am able to combine mediums with the fiber art.”

What keeps Robin going? “I know I should be empowering myself and not rely on others’ feedback but I grow from it. The bigger impact comes from having a stranger tell me that they like (my work).” Does she believe in her own work? “Yes, but I constantly compare myself to other artists in my field and the first reaction it to say I’m not good enough. I need to override that with positive self talk which can be exhausting. Self-help only works if you do it. I put that little voice to the back. Each time your try, it makes it easier the next time.”

Doing her art isn’t the only nerve wracking aspect of getting her work out there. ‘I do door-to-door sales of my patterns to quilt shops. I like selling via my website better because you don’t have to see the look on the potential customer’s face when you discuss price.”

Marketing and selling is a well-known challenge of creative people of all mediums and modalities. Most of us do not create to become wealthy, but for the joy of the art. In the end, the joy will carry us through.

You can enjoy and purchase Robin’s work by visiting www.nestlingsbyrobin.com.

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