Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Votre Vray Creative Women Entire Artist Interviews and Images Do Not Appear Here

I, Mel., would like all participating Votre Vray artists and visitors to the blog to know that only artists or businesses profiled that do NOT have a full website available at this time will have images in this blog. Once all interviewees have been profiled, if time permits and there is no conflict with the publication, images will be added to profiles that already have working business web addresses. Please note any image in this blog or any part of interviews that appear here cannot reappear as is in the Votre Vray book, as the book contents must be unique. The same artists may appear in the play or the book, but additional information from the interviews would be used for that purpose.

If you have been interviewed and you do not see a link to your site, or information about you at this time, please be patient. I have about 80 interviews in queue as of this morning, and I'm trying to close on a house, find a new home, prepare for the Upstate Women's Show, conduct more interviews, and move my office before August 7th.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter, and best wishes in all of your creative endeavors. Remember, it is my mission to promote your work as well as create a play and a book that will benefit us both. Please be patient as I strive for the highest quality work possible.

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