Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From Corporate Fast Track to Natural Arts and Healing Path

The following is and excerpt of an interview from Dawn Clare, www.spisebliss.com, conducted by Mel. Edwards for the Votre Vray Creative Women project.

What would you do if you were on the fast track to CEO, Harvard MBA under your belt and full of energy? Would you honor your creative gifts outside the boardroom? Imagine for a moment, impact of metal on bone, and flesh, pain and your vehicle is demolished beyond recognition. Regardless of your fast track reality, just moments ago, you’re now immobile, allergic to pain killers, trapped in a brace – and you’ll stay that way for months. Do you dream of returning to corporate America? Or does the muse haunt your dreams?

Before Dawn Clare’s accident four years ago, she knew she was creative and had healing skills. An Indian shaman had shared his awareness of her gifts with her more than 10 years earlier. After the crash, “my gifts are now at a higher level,” Dawn admits. She’s helped parents previously unable to conceive find their truth in the process. Some have walked away knowing parenthood wasn’t what they wanted after all, and perhaps had blocked all along. Others, who had wanted to be parents most sincerely, now are.

Dawn says, “People are often afraid about their life gifts. I say, be open internally about what your gifts are, and what they are not. Once you understand that, it (your truth) becomes your anchor. If you have a core passion, your truth will come from it. No one can tell you what it is. Go internally to find your truth. Then find people who support it and they will become relationship anchors.” Her mantra? “Do what you love, be with those you love, and the rest of your life falls into bliss!”

What is her artistic passion? “Sunsets. To me, they are nature’s smiles.” Dawn began taking sunset photos from the same location each week for over a year. “I now have over 2000 sunset photos,” she beams. From what I can tell, she has every reason to smile back at Mother Nature, night after night.

You can find more information about Dawn Clare and see her sunset photos via her website: www.spisebliss.com

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