Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Telling the Truth ...One Artist's Perspective

The main focus of Votre Vray is for each person to find his or her creative truth, and to USE IT to be the best person you can be and live the life you were created for. Sian Lindemann gets that, so much so that she wrote her own version of what truth meant in her work here:
Go to www.thenationalnetworker.com
Lindemann says, "This month's article in Arts and Entertainment Department is a pretty radical turn from the content I normally write....but its powerful...and revealing about my nature as an artist, and as a human being...
Sian Lindemann"

I certainly did enjoy it and learned a bit about Sian and her work.

Sian will be interviewed for the Votre Vray project later this month. Until then, check out this artist, her website and Keep Creating!

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